Transform your diagnostic capabilities using advanced video capture technology.
Welcome to the future of efficient observation and recording. mobile eye is a first of its kind, intelligent, all in one video inspection system that is compact, portable, and innovative.

Mobile Eye

When your equipment breaks down, it can be devastating for your business. Lost revenue, production delays and maintenance costs quickly add up, and technical issues can be tricky to identify without entire machine deconstruction.

Implement mobile eye as part of your Preventative Planned Maintenance (PPM), and avoid the need to strip down your entire line, or unnecessarily remove external panelling. Simple and easy to set up, within 60 seconds you can deploy mobile eye into your line with no training or computer skills required.

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Use mobile eye to identify faults and damages, and cut costs by reducing unplanned maintenance and avoiding downtime.



Humidity is important in the food processing and drying industry. It controls not only the moisture content and yield of your products, but also their texture, succulence, crustiness, quality and the shelf life.

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