about us

McQueen Cairns Technology deliver cutting-edge solutions for the food industry. The systems are designed to save money by cutting waste, ranging from quality assurance to solutions to oven related problems in the baking and cooked meat sectors.

The systems help food manufacturers to reduce their waste and improve their product quality and consistency as well as enabling them to achieve the desired results with less energy.

Our customers include large food manufacturers, such as United Biscuits, Kraft Foods, Northern Foods, Green Isle Foods, Kamps, Nestle, Barilla,etc. as well as small and medium sized businesses concerned with the consistent quality and optimised production of their products.

Environment and efficiency is very important to us and our customers. Saving money and increasing profits by considering the environment is at the very heart of the technology. Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet.

We manufacture sensors and measuring systems, oven and cooking processes and provide consultancy services in these areas. The systems range from equipment that can detect changes in dough consistency in batch to oven profiling data loggers that can measure the total heat and humidity that is being delivered to a product in a baking or cooking oven. This information accurately shows ways of improving the performance of the oven or cooker.
The Hygrox P high temperature humidity and heat sensors and systems technology are applied throughout the food, manufacturing, processing and environmental industries.

A Selection of Our Customers