ATP Automation system for HACCP

Industrial Technologies

We have designed a new automated system to measure core temperatures of cooked meats and bakery product that will remove the need for factory operatives to handle these hot products and protect them from the Health and Safety risks around industrial continuous steam cookers and ovens.

This followed 15 years of developing oven dataloggers and sensors to measure and record humidity and temperatures of up to +350°C/ 482°F in industrial cookers and ovens for leading international food manufactures and processors of cooked meats, ready to eat foods, and baked products.

Our objectives were to help customers gain more knowledge on what affects core temperature, quality and consistency, and how to:

-Gain higher capacity with shorter cook time
-Faster browning and more consistent overall colour
-Consistent product quality
-Improved yields
-High belt load

With this knowledge and experience, we have designed a new automation system for HACCP that can measure core temperatures of cooked meats and bakery products automatically as they exit the oven directly without any manual intervention.

This means that staff no longer have to work around the oven to take hot products off the line to manually measure and record core temperatures. These existing manual methods also expose staff to health and safety risks to staff that work around cookers and ovens exits to take these temperatures.

This new automation will replace the current manual methods. This system also produces fool proof digital traceability, which is a first of its kind.

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