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Hygrox P™ - High Temperature Humidity Logging

Humidity is important in the food processing and drying industry. It controls not only the moisture content and yield of your products, but also their texture, succulence, crustiness, quality and the shelf life.

Cook times are shortened in moist air because heat transfer to the product is assisted by the latent heat of the water vapour in the oven atmosphere. The product reaches safe core temperatures sooner. Shorter cook times mean faster belt speeds and increased throughputs.

By controlling humidity as well as temperature throughout the process, you can increase capacity, achieve higher yields, and get better consistency, not to mention saving energy. Knowing humidity levels as well as temperatures gives you extra control. Faults in ovens become easier to locate.

A major step forward

Until now, most ovens and dryers used in food processing provided just a single temperature control in each zone, usually far from the product. Through process recording has given an accurate temperature profile along the belt. Now humidity profiles too can be recorded close to the product on the belt. Just knowing the profile can often produce some interesting results, some immediate opportunities for improvement.

Download the Hygrox P™ fact sheet to find out how this technology can increase line speed in the baking and cooked meats industries.

Able to deliver measurements of very high humidity's in steam cookers

Not just the food industry

Although we developed Hygrox™-Portable primarily for use in the food processing industry, it's equally suitable for monitoring humidity in a range of other areas. Pulp, paper and board, for example, where moisture content plays a major part in the quality of the final product.

Also the ceramics industry, where the correct moisture content must be maintained during the final glaze to control lead release. Indeed, any industry where humidity control is important benefit from using the unique new Hygroxâ„¢-Portable humidity and temperature logging system.

HYGROX P™ - Increase Yield, Improve Consistency, Quality and Capacity, Increase Profitability

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