Welcome to the future of efficient observation and recording. mobile eye is a first of its kind, intelligent, all in one video inspection system that is compact, portable, and innovative. Sleek yet sturdy, it is a practical and durable piece of equipment which produces high quality videos of the internals of your machinery as it passes along a conveyor.

Through a simple three button operation, it can quickly identify faults and damages, cutting costs by reducing unplanned maintenance and avoiding downtime.

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High resolution camera
High resolution, 180-degree panoramic video and still imaging provides a complete overview of the inside of your machinery.
Automatic lighting
Intelligent computer controlled automatic lighting illuminates the entire area, giving you access to a detailed assessment of the issue, even in areas of pitch darkness.
High recording capacity
High recording capacity gives you unrivalled levels of storage, giving you the ability to keep, review and compare footage over a longer period of time.
Long battery life
mobile eye is well equipped to tackle difficult and intricate work across all manner of projects, without the risk of losing power on the job.


Mobile eye has a low profile high resolution camera with multi-core CPU, and a high sensitivity of 12MP. This means that we can detect hairline cracks in your machinery and missing or broken vital components, helping you to pinpoint exactly what’s gone wrong, and where.

A unique comparative programme enables you to view and compare several video recordings at the same time and highlight any noticeable changes that may have occurred.

User’s notes can easily be added using a pop-up keyboard to any video recorded, which are stored in the gallery.

Videos can be quickly and easily transferred to an external USB device for portable storage and handy backup.

Not only is mobile eye key when identifying faults, it can be used to prevent breakdowns before they occur, helping you to regularly audit your machinery internally and catch minor issues before they cause more significant damage.
Simple and easy to set up, within 60 seconds you can deploy mobile eye into your line with no training or computer skills required.

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